Arkansas Homeschool Laws

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An annual notice must be filed by August 15th of each year. Or 5 days prior to withdrawal from a public school.

It must contain:

  1. The name, date of birth, gender and grade level of the children;
  2. The name and address of the school each child last attended, if any;
  3. The mailing address of the homeschool;
  4. A telephone number;
  5. A statement that the parents agree that they are responsible for the child’s education while the homeschool program is continuing;
  6. A statement of plans to participate in public school interscholastic activities (optional);
  7. A statement of plans to seek a GED (optional);
  8. The name and signature of the person providing the homeschool program.

*The information on this page is for general use only. It should not be taken as legal advice. It is believed to be accurate however state and federal laws change every year. recommends joining an organization such as the Home School Legal Defense Association before your homeschooling adventure begins. HSLDA can provide complete, accurate, legal advice and services for homeschooling families.