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    New York Homeschool Laws

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    New York


    You can can use one of the following:

    • Iowa Test of Basic Skills,
    • the California Achievement Test,
    • the Stanford Achievement Test,
    • the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills,
    • the Metropolitan Achievement Test,
    • a State Education Department Test, or
    • another test approved by the State Education Department, such as the Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS) test.

    Your student must score above the 33rd percentile, or show one year of academic progress.


    A written narrative prepared by a certified teacher, a home instructor peer group panel or another person with the local superintendent’s consent.


    • Patriotism and citizenship
    • About Substance Abuse
    • Traffic safety (including bike safety)
    • Fire safety.
    • Before grade 9 Us and New York History and Constitutions

    Grades 1 to 6

    • Arithmetic
    • Reading
    • Spelling
    • Writing
    • English
    • Geography
    • US History
    • Science
    • Health
    • Music
    • Visual arts
    • Physical education

    Grades 7 to 8

    • Mathematics
    • English
    • History and geography
    • Science
    • Health
    • Music
    • Art
    • Practical arts
    • Physical education
    • Library skills

    Grades 9 to 12

    • Mathematics (2 credits)
    • English (4 credits)
    • Social studies, including American history, participation in government, and economics (4 credits)
    • Science (2 credits)
    • Art or music (1 credit)
    • Health (½ credit)
    • Physical education (2 credits)
    • Electives (3 credits)

    Yes. Lots

    1. File a Notice of Intent with the district superintendent before July or within 14 days of starting your homeschool program.
      If you live in one of the NYC boroughs this notice, and all homeschooling correspondence, should instead be submitted to the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Home Schooling at 333 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001.
    2. You are required annually, by August 15 (or 4 weeks after receipt of the IHIP form from the school district) to submit an individualized home instruction plan. (IHIP)
    3. File Quarterly Reports.
      Showing the number of hours of instruction, a description of material covered in each subject, and a grade or narrative evaluation in each subject.


    You must maintain records of attendance showing you are complying with the “substantial equivalent” of 180 days per year. You are not required to submit them except if requested by the superintendent.

    You must also be able to show:

    900 hours in grades 1 to 16,

    990 hours in grades 7 to 12.

    *The information on this page is for general use only. It should not be taken as legal advice. It is believed to be accurate however state and federal laws change every year. recommends joining an organization such as the Home School Legal Defense Association before your homeschooling adventure begins. HSLDA can provide complete, accurate, legal advice and services for homeschooling families.

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