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    Ohio Homeschool Laws

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    1. test your child using any nationally normed standardized achievement test. the test must be administered by a certified teacher, by somebody you and the superintendent agree upon or a person authorized by the test publisher. The composite must be in at least the 25th percentile. The results must be submitted to the superintendent.
    2. Submit a written narrative including a portfolio of samples of your child’s work that has been reviewed by a qualified person indicating you child has progress in accordance with your child’s abilities.

    Language, reading, spelling, writing, geography, history of the United States and Ohio, government, math, science, health, physical education, fine arts (including music), first aid, safety, and fire prevention.


    Submit an annual notice to the local school district superintendent no later than the first week of the start of public school, or within one week after moving to the school district, or within one week of withdrawing your child from public school.

    The notice must provide:

    1. The school year for which the notice is made.
    2. Name and address of the parent and full name and birth date of the child.
    3. Name and address of the person(s) who will be teaching the child if not the parent.
    4. Assurance the homeschool will teach the required subjects. (Except that home education shall not be required to include any concept, topic, or practice that is in conflict with the sincerely held religious beliefs of the parent.)
    5. A brief outline of intended curriculum.
    6. Assurance of hours and qualifications.

    You are required to teach 900 hours per year.


    High School Diploma or GED.
    Teach under the supervision of a person who holds a baccalaureate degree until test scores demonstrate proficiency.

    *The information on this page is for general use only. It should not be taken as legal advice. It is believed to be accurate however state and federal laws change every year. Homeschool.net recommends joining an organization such as the Home School Legal Defense Association before your homeschooling adventure begins. HSLDA can provide complete, accurate, legal advice and services for homeschooling families.

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