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    North Dakota Homeschool Laws

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    North Dakota


    In grades 4, 6, 8 and 10. Your student must take a standardized achievement test used by the local district or a nationally normed standardized achievement test.


    You qualify for an exemption:

    1. you notify your school district you have a religious, moral or philosophical objection to the use of standardized tests.
    2. You are a licensed teacher, or hold a bachelor’s degree, or have met the cutoff score of a national teacher examination.

    If you qualify for an exemption, file it with your annual statement of intent.

    Required elementary and middle school subjects:

    • English language arts, including reading, composition, creative writing, English grammar, and spelling;
    • mathematics;
    • social studies, including the United States Constitution, United States history, geography, and government, and, in the 4th and 8th grades, North Dakota studies, with an emphasis on the geography, history, and agriculture of North Dakota;
    • science, including agriculture;
    • physical education; and
    • health, including physiology, hygiene, disease control, and the nature and effects of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics.

    Required high school subjects:

    • English language arts (includes literature, composition, and speech);
    • mathematics;
    • science (includes biology and chemistry or physical science);
    • social studies (includes U.S. history, civics, economics, and concepts of personal finance);
    • physical education; and
    • foreign languages or fine arts or career and technical education.

    File an annual “Statement of Intent” with the superintendent of the public school district where the child lives 14 days before you start homeschooling and each year thereafter.

    The notice must include:

    • Name and address of the child.
    • child’s date of birth.
    • child’s grade level.
    • name and address of the parent who will supervise the home education.
    • the qualifications of the parent who will supervise the home education.
    • any public school courses in which the child intends to participate and the school district or approved non-public school offering the activities.
    • a copy of your child’s immunization record. ND Dept. of Health has this FORM.
    • proof of your child’s identity. A birth certificate, certified transcript, or other documentary evidence the superintendent considers appropriate.

    You are required to teach 4 hours per day, 175 days per year.


    You must be a parent or guardian of the child and hold a high school diploma or equivalent.


    Be monitored by a North Dakota certified teacher for the first two years of homeschooling. In some cases this may require continued monitoring.


    Exemptions are available for religious or medical purposes.

    You are required to keep a yearly record of the courses your child has taken, progress assessments and standardized test scores.

    *The information on this page is for general use only. It should not be taken as legal advice. It is believed to be accurate however state and federal laws change every year. recommends joining an organization such as the Home School Legal Defense Association before your homeschooling adventure begins. HSLDA can provide complete, accurate, legal advice and services for homeschooling families.

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